Thermally Conductive Resins


Protavic Thermally Conductive Resins

Our formulated thermally conductive resins are designed for demanding applications where performance and reliability are critical. Protavic products are characterized by excellent thermal conductivity over 3Wm°K, high adhesion strength, low moisture uptake, dispensability, void free flow encapsulation and operating range from -40 to 250C +.

Whether you require room temperature cure or heat cure our products come ready to meet your demands. Protavic thermally conductive products are commonly used for semiconductor packaging, IC MEMS assembly applications, LED die attach, bonded fin heat sinks, power supply encapsulation, casting for high power magnetics and motor controllers. If you are looking for high reliability encapsulation or adheive to everyday potting and bonding, we have an epoxy, urethane, silicone or hybrid formulation that will meet your thermally conductive needs.


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