Total Test Interface Solution

We offers the most comprehensive assortment of test, i.e. Spring Contact Test Probes, IC Test Sockets, WLCSP Probe Card/Probe Head, Secondary Battery Charging Discharging Probes and Parts of Medical Equipment.

Our main products, LEENO’s Spring Test Probes and IC test sockets, are crucial in the testing process of most electronic products. Our technical expertise allows us to perform the entire manufacturing processes from design, precision machining, plating, assembly, and final inspection. We are able to meet on time delivery and to have one of the fastest lead times in the market.

Meticulous quality control using leading-edge measuring equipment as well as the extensive production capacities allows for multi-item low volume production and enables us to produce optimal products with unmatched response time to a rapidly changing market environment, worldwide, while meeting a wide variety of customer needs.

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