Structural Adhesives & Sealants 


Protavic Structural Adhesives & Sealants 

Our formulated structural adhesive resins are designed for demanding applications where failure is not an option. Protavic products are characterized by excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, flexible operating range from -40 to 200C +. Whether you require room temperature cure or heat cure our products come ready to meet your demands.

Protavic adhesives are commonly used in automotive applications, ferrite bonding adhesives, lid attach adhesives, die bonding adhesives, lens attach adhesives, RFID adhesives, solar adhesives, bonded fin adhesives, heat sink adhesives, thermal interface adhesives, touch screen adhesives, wire stacking adhesives, blister pack adhesives, head gimbal adhesive, gimbal head adhesives and countless others adhesives applications.

If you are looking for filled, unfilled adhesives low or high modulus adhesives, we have a formulation that will meet your adhesive needs. Packaging options for many of our product range form small 5 gram burst packs to cartridges to bulk. Whatever your need for packaging we can accommodate your needs.


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