In-Line System, Electronic Test Handler & Depaneling



Neoplace 304 modula guarantees max. speed and flexibility for assembling ODD-shape. The compact mechanical structure enables to realize assembly line with one or more neoplace 304 modula, according to the requested production and the needed number of feeders. The easy and rapid set-up time and the wide range of OSAI feeders and grippers guarantees the necessary flexibility also for production which requires quick configuration change.


Neomark Easy is the topnotch equipment for those customer who need In Line machines. Its technology allows to have high quality, fast cycle time (60% time saving compared with conventional Laser Marking systems), flexibility and affordable price. OSAI collected all comprehensive knowledges and experiences in this equipment, providing to the market a breakthrough solution. The internal flip over has been fully developed and integrated in order to save marking time, ensuring the best quality.

Neomark Easy is equipped with OSAI LASER, guaranteeing the well-known reliability already appreciated from the market. The Easy and Intuitive SW, based on Touch Screen HMI, also allows operator with a low level of experience to properly develop recipes in less than 10 minutes

Router Depaneling

The modular Neo router is the ideal solution for those who want to depanel PCB-panels mechanically. The system is suitable for large quantities, thanks to its main feature flexibility without product-specific adaptations (except for the gripper), a high production mix at the lowest cost is possible.

Laser UV Depaneling

Continual reductions in component sizes make the depanelling of flexible circuits, Kapton and films in general a more and more complex task. Neocut uv performs very high accuracy cutting operations, without mechanical stresses on components. As well as supplying an exceptional solution in depanelling Kapton and flexible PCBs, the Neocut uv system carries out marking of printed circuits and plastic surfaces. Easy programming that can also be carried out off-line enables the Neocut uv system to be used both for preproduction and for mass production.


OSAI Neohandler is the top-notch solution for Semiconductor Companies, for testing MEMS and Power devices in mass production (up to 25KUPH). Neohandler small footprint 900 x 1.600mm saves production area, increasing drastically the throughput (UPH / m2), by using scalable concept. High flexibility allows the customer to change setup in 15 minutes, maximizing the investment: Input / output trolley can be replaced with different magazine type and Multipick up tool can be easily and simply scaled according to the need. The wide range of Multisocket and multipick up tools developed by OSAI, allows the customers to manage different packages. Neohandler can be properly configured with different Stimulus Chambers, according to specific MEMS to be conditioned.


NeoTray is a vertical magazine suitable to manage blister for loading/unloading purpose. The feeding system could be used for Osai AS standard equipment and for customized lines. The NeoTray Feeder provides high efficiency and autonomy to your production systems. Blister loading/unloading can be done without stopping the process. Fully configurable for different blister sizes up to 600 x 400 mm. Its reliability guarantees high performances for mass production. Easy use based on easy configuration tool and HMI touch screen.




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