Laser Machine Technologies and Equipment


Laser Marking

DM2c is a compact system “all in one”, including the LASER source, characterized but a high ergonomic structure thanks to the sitting working position. The PC is integrated into the machine frame with a frontal LCD display, the keyboard, and the mouse are positioned into a foldaway drawer, in order to be protected during the working activities and to take up a reduced dimension. The start button can be activated by means of the frontal console or by a special control panel. The turning table allows a masked time LASER working and the access to the working area through the side door makes the setup activities and the little series production easier. The Z-axis for the LASER focusing is operated electrically and the dimensions can be easily controlled by software. The installation is easy and fast thanks to the retractable wheels which allow the positioning of the system against the wall.

Laser Welding

The FineWeld 300 is a system for LASER welding with pulsed Nd:YAG, CO2, and fiber LASER sources. Constructed on a base of the electro-welded bent plate and painted in RAl 9018/5021, the FineWeld 300 can be adjusted in terms of height and planarity by way of vibration-absorbing rubber feet. The system is certified as a “Class 1 LASER welding system” for Nd:YAG λ=1064nm or CO2λ=10.6μm in accordance with the laws in force regarding the safety of LASER emissions (EN 121100-1, EN60825). The safety guard is guaranteed by self-supporting panels, which are easily removed for maintenance purposes. Access to the working zone is through the sliding door which is self-compensating in weight and opens on two sides. The overall opening measures 800mm in height and 750+675mm in width. Developed on a system of cartesian axes and structured according to the “split axis” concept, the FineWeld 300 presents a Y linear table, that moves the component being machined, and an X, Y complex, fixed on a door, for the shifting of the cutting head. Ideal for prototyping and suitable for the mass production of small and medium components, this machine can be equipped with a series of specific accessories for LASER welding: rotating axes, manual or automatic tailstocks, and loading cells.

Laser Cutting

LASER fine cutting station, designed for the production of very precise round and flat parts such as stents, cardiac valves, medical tools, etc. The granite basement is integrated inside a welded steel frame, in order to guarantee the highest precision at a very high working speed. Up to 4 axis CNC driven by Aerotech A3200 motion controller, the double frontal door for easy access to the working area, special support for the pipes, and a big frontal window (LASER certified) are the main characteristic of this machine. The “state of the art” LASER sources can be integrated on this machine, permitting the Customer to produce with a consolidated process or to develop new processes and parts using the newest LASER sources available on the market. The machine is integrated with two cutting boxes, dedicated to round parts and flat plates.


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